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Due to the volume of emails I’ve received over the last few days stating, “Hope everything is alright”, I’ve decided to actually blog something. Apparently I’ve trained all of you to think that ZDub Absent=TRAUMA, like someone getting a incurable disease or going to the hospital or both.

I’m happy to report we are fine, just fine. My silence solely rests on the fact that Jeff was home stifling my computer usage. And my trauma blamed on the fact that he was on vacation all this week.

Fun fact: He has five weeks of vacation this year. FIVE.

We’ve done fun things this week, like paint baseboards (KILL ME), switch out light fixtures, switch out light switches, buy a couch that required to most hilarious transportation of said couch because nobody (Jeff) listens to me when I said we really needed to pick up the couch with a truck, watched Moneyball (it sucks), and driven to various places to eat and drink beer (I’m on board with this part of his vacation only).

These activities majorly cut into my blogging and Pinterest time. See, what Jeff doesn’t know is I use the computer all the live long day for important research (finding squirrel things to Pin) and then right before he walks in, I have dinner ready and swish some Pine Sol around in the toilets and these fools are none the wiser.

Here’s a photo of our new couch, it’s white. It’s slipcovered and this may be the best idea I’ve ever had or it may end very, very badly. The new couch is located in our front room, you know, the room where no one sits unless I pick out a new white couch and then everyone is party rocking in there all the damn time.

white couch

It’s the Ektorp from Ikea and it took us Jeff ten minutes to assemble.

Another Fun Fact: I get a fever blister every time I set foot into Ikea. That’s weird, right? Last time we were there, my herp derp was developing on my lip in the parking lot.

It was also Valentine’s Day this week and I cleaned up.  Ikea gave me a cold sore, Jeff gave me an iPhone 4S, and the kids gave me a handcrafted, one of a kind necklace.



  • Ashley Taylor

    I burst out laughing at the paragraph about the PineSol in the toilets because I cannot tell you how often I am running around like a maniac when my hubby (THANK GOD!) gives me the heads up phone call to tell me he is headed home and I am all up and down the stairs like I am at the gym for the next 20 minutes making it look like I keep a neat house (which I totally don’t). He probably thinks the glistening brow when I greet him at the door is from excitement to see, rather than sweat from the only exercise I got that day! 😉
    Ashley Taylor recently posted..Selena Gomez Needs To Know MeMy Profile

  • Jennifer

    Ugh…I have an Ektorp (I wonder what that means?) arm chair in my living room but I’m not brave enough to buy the sofa. Naturally, where does my black cat want to sit all the time? ON MY WHITE EKTORP CHAIR. Filthy animal.
    Jennifer recently posted..Scraping The Bottom Of The Creativity BarrelMy Profile

  • Lori

    i have had an incredibly horrible day..until i read your blog. you are a funny ass woman. i love ya and don’t even know ya!! Thanks for the straight up belly laugh!

  • Issa

    A white couch? With two kids? One of whom is a small boy? So IKEA gives you the herp and makes you lose your every loving mind?
    Issa recently posted..Not so good at morningsMy Profile

  • Krëg

    A slipcover? Really? That’s something my grandma would have. Except no, she doesn’t, because slipcovers are lame.

  • mary d

    swishing pinesol around the toilets? that is a great idea.
    mary d recently posted..Purple Camera eReader Case – Fits Nooks and Kindles, Zipper Closure, Made and Ready to ShipMy Profile

  • Beth at Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids

    I wholeheartedly support your stellar lack of judgement in buying a white couch.

    I, for example, keep buying white t-shirts for myself AND for my ridiculous number of children, including the small boy kind who regularly paint themselves with popsicles. And why do I do this? BECAUSE I CAN’T GIVE UP EVERYTHING and white clothing is my Neener-Neener I’m Standing Outside The Mama Box and You Can’t Stuff Me Back Inside statement.

    I’m very mature.

    Go, you!
    Beth at Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids recently posted..World War HomeworkMy Profile

  • merlin513

    hahahah, and we have the ‘same’ shower curtain! 😀
    (it was the squirrels wasn’t it!?)

    I wish there was an IKEA somewhere in the mid-south closer than Texas… I would SO drop a load of cash there. Unfortunately, there isn’t.

  • Kelly @ D2BD

    while the couch is awesome I’m totally enthralled with the trunk you are using as a side table, it’s SO awesome! {I’m a trunk hoarder, I got it from my mother I currently have 6 in my house… one of which doesn’t open and I’m dying to get inside, it’s heavy as hell but I don’t want to ruin the lock to bust it open just to find something stupid like a rock inside.} Ugh Ikea fever blisters no fun! I recently got my first and cried a lot… I did the whole, But I’m married not kissing strange people… I even wanted to blame it on the microphone at the skeevy karaoke bar we went to the weekend it happened {jury is still out on this one} – but in the end I realize that anyone can get them. Knowing Ikea gives them to you makes me feel better. We can be derp sisters together!
    Kelly @ D2BD recently posted..wedding wednesday: pre-partyMy Profile

  • Kristin

    I am totally with you on the husband computer blocking… Mine works from home every Wednesday and although we don’t share a computer, he is always giving me the side eye like I should be doing laundry or something. ugh.
    Kristin recently posted..Giving a little bit of handmade loveMy Profile

  • Elaine

    I shoulda sold you my Ektorp. We recently got rid of it to get a sectional. Although ours was beige. You are SO brave to get WHITE. 😉

    LOVE the necklace!!
    Elaine recently posted..We love each other every day…My Profile

  • Jennifer Jayhawk

    Clearly the kids need to open an Etsy shop so we can all enjoy their craftiness.
    Jennifer Jayhawk recently posted..Crisis Assistance Ministry!My Profile

  • Nanette

    Party rocking! Best. Line. Ever.
    Nanette recently posted..Friday FiveMy Profile

  • my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you

    oof i get the herp derp too. not from ikea. but def from stress. and ikea is pretty stressful on all levels.
    though i haven’t had one in a long time. oh fuck. just saying that out loud means i’m doomed. your necklace is the greatest.
    my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you recently posted..your questions and stuffMy Profile

  • Lindsay

    speaking of pinning squirrels: http://pinterest.com/pin/13088655136924188/

    • ZDub

      ZDub recently posted..SneakyMy Profile

  • Michelle

    So, I am reading along and smiling, then I read the last V-day presents part and just saw the top of your pic, focusing on the stupid Herpies that you have, until I scroll down and laugh out loud at that necklace. OMG the beauty.
    Michelle recently posted..Gummi Bears.My Profile

  • Janelle

    Thanks for posting. I was a little worried about you, too.

    If Jeff stays home too long and you need a rescue party sent in…..well, you’ll have to call someone closer than Oregon, but I feel your pain.

  • selmasgranddaughter

    I have noticed in the past that Jeff’s vacations have interfered with our reading pleasure. 5 weeks is a lot.

  • Jerremy Watts

    I had fun reading your post. It is completely hilarious.
    I love you new couch very much. And yes, your husband indeed is a lucky guy.
    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

    Jerremy Watts recently posted..how to seduce a womanMy Profile

  • rebecca d

    I think you are a brave woman with the white couch… We got a new one last summer but I have teenagers here all the time and I am clearly a chicken… I went with dark brown… The color of dirt, chocolate and yes, poop…

    I LOVE your shower curtain! Where did you get it?

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