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Due to the volume of emails I’ve received over the last few days stating, “Hope everything is alright”, I’ve decided to actually blog something. Apparently I’ve trained all of you to think that ZDub Absent=TRAUMA, like someone getting a incurable disease or going to the hospital or both.

I’m happy to report we are fine, just fine. My silence solely rests on the fact that Jeff was home stifling my computer usage. And my trauma blamed on the fact that he was on vacation all this week.

Fun fact: He has five weeks of vacation this year. FIVE.

We’ve done fun things this week, like paint baseboards (KILL ME), switch out light fixtures, switch out light switches, buy a couch that required to most hilarious transportation of said couch because nobody (Jeff) listens to me when I said we really needed to pick up the couch with a truck, watched Moneyball (it sucks), and driven to various places to eat and drink beer (I’m on board with this part of his vacation only).

These activities majorly cut into my blogging and Pinterest time. See, what Jeff doesn’t know is I use the computer all the live long day for important research (finding squirrel things to Pin) and then right before he walks in, I have dinner ready and swish some Pine Sol around in the toilets and these fools are none the wiser.

Here’s a photo of our new couch, it’s white. It’s slipcovered and this may be the best idea I’ve ever had or it may end very, very badly. The new couch is located in our front room, you know, the room where no one sits unless I pick out a new white couch and then everyone is party rocking in there all the damn time.

white couch

It’s the Ektorp from Ikea and it took us Jeff ten minutes to assemble.

Another Fun Fact: I get a fever blister every time I set foot into Ikea. That’s weird, right? Last time we were there, my herp derp was developing on my lip in the parking lot.

It was also Valentine’s Day this week and I cleaned up.  Ikea gave me a cold sore, Jeff gave me an iPhone 4S, and the kids gave me a handcrafted, one of a kind necklace.



  • 3iky

    Hi, am on tribuss, my cd4 is 798 and my viral load is undetected, recently i went for a 6 day holiday and forgot to take my arvs,i started dem immediately i came back which is on the 7 th day but now every morning i have nausea,i feel like am pregnant but am not because i sterelized and having my periods,is it beacos i stopped for 6 days and will i go back to normal or do i need to change this drug, please help,am frustrated

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