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And Now I Owe Zoe $5

posted by on 12/23/2011

Mothering Pro Tip: If you take your children to see Santa, wait thirty minutes before the mall closes. There is no line. Also, your almost 11 year old will require some sort of payment to actually be in the photograph with her brother.

You’re welcome.

z + t + santa

And because I have a scanner and I’m not afraid to use it, enjoy this trip down memory lane featuring casual mall Santa.

Santa 10


Santa 2008

And my personal favorite, LOOK AT BABY TROY.

Santa 2007

Happy Christmas, Merry Festivus, or just Happy Drunken Weekend. You know, whatever you are into. (I vote for all three.)

Asian babies and cases of wine (my Christmas wish),


DIY: Honey Ginger Lemon Olive Oil Soap

posted by on 12/21/2011

Zoe and I made soap yesterday to give out to the ladies at her school. Everyone does such a great job of keeping an eye on her, so we just wanted to do a little something for them. Here’s what we did.

I bought a large pack of olive oil glycerin at Michael’s (with a 40% off coupon, holla at your girl). Melt eight cubes in a double boiler over boiling water. (I worked in small batches, I think eight cubes makes two bars.)


Decide on your ingredients.  We used a few teaspoons of honey, 15 drops of lemon oil, two pinches of ginger, and two drops of yellow food coloring.


I didn’t purchase any soap molds because I am incapable of thinking that far ahead and we used Troy’s egg dying cups from Easter. They were the closest “soap shaped” container we had in the house.


Once the glycerin is melted and you have your ingredients completely stirred in, you can pour them in your egg cups soap molds.


I let them cool, pop those bad boys out, and ta-da! Soap.


We wrapped two bars in wax paper and tied it with raffia and twine. Zoe suggested we make labels for the soap so “people don’t eat it”. Fair enough.


There you go, soap. Good enough to eat.

Have you ever made soap? Did we do it correctly?