Closer, Please. Clo-ser…

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At the church program this weekend, Troy made his thespian debut.

As a lamb.


I drove to three different stores this weekend searching for “lamb pants”.  Do you know how difficult it is to find off white pants for boys?  Diff-i-cult.  Being as how I am a dedicated stage mom, I wasn’t going to rest until he had his lamb pants.  And by rest, I mean I ran out of time and had to go to work.  Which is why he’s wearing lined khakis from Target.  

After a brief crying jag in the restroom over his stage make-up (see my mother’s black eyeliner on his nose), he regained his composure when presented with a candy cane that I had stashed in my handbag and was ready to go on. He showed intense emotion and range during his performace, like during the speaking parts when he brooded on the steps in front of the manger. He later informed me it was simply situational concentration. Or when he defected from his flock (there were only two lambs, but still) and decided to sit with the angels. Despite my hissing whispered pleas of “Troy. Go. Back. Over. There.”, I’m sure he was simply following his inner vision as an artist.


And since he true to his craft, he decided to best way to exit upon the end of the program was to slowly crawl out on all fours. The poor shepard that was supposed to guide him was all, “Um, yeah, I’m just going to walk out in front of you”. Troy clearly prefers method acting.


Behind every successful actor is always a lamb wrangler strong woman. Obviously. Don’t forget where you came from, Troy.

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