Looks Like Napoleon Spread The Word.

posted by on 11/09/2011 | 2,290 comments (leave one of your own)

You know, about how awesome I am.

not Napoleon

I told Jf I was going upstairs to clean the office, but really I’m reading TMZ and researching bath mats. He’s downstairs changing all of our dingy beige outlets and switches to white. It’s just a matter of time before he tracks me down.


He did hang my new squirrel feeder and take me to the antique mall, so I am going to try and be extra nice to him today.

get it

Not like that, I got shit to do-I’m painting a bathroom, but maybe I will make him some buffalo wings or something.


Or just clean the office.

over it

P.S. He is currently growing “vacation beard”. Let’s try and be supportive, you know how asians struggle with their facial hair.

Trapped in the office (with squirrels),

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