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Safety First

posted by on 09/27/2011

He really does wear a helmet, y’all. Swearsies.



This Post Did Not End In A Trip To Urgent Care. Just So You Know.

posted by on 09/23/2011

I won Troy a balance bike. (Thanks, Babble!) J was foaming at the mouth to put it together and have him zooming around because it is “totally like a motorcycle” and “enhance his something or other skills blahblahblah”.

I voted no because he’s my widdle iddle baby and hi, this is Troy, have you met him?  We should have named him Evel Knievel and called it a day. Have you seen our statements from the insurance company?

Scratch that, I handle all the mail and bills due to the fact that I am a stay at home mom blogger/bartender.  J really hasn’t seen the statements from the insurance company.  Or any mail since 2004.

We ended up surprising Troy with the bike (and Zoe with an awesome cruiser) when we moved into our new house.

He rocks it.


In his pajamas AKA jam jams.





(He tripped over the bike.)