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It Was Better Than A Kick In The Vagina Bone, But Not By Much.

posted by on 07/28/2011

Thank you for all of your kick ass birthday wishes, I read every single one of them. Between here, F-book and Twatter, I was a much loved gal.


Jended up with the day off, which was nice. Not nice? The bakery losing the cake order that he had placed days before (on his own, y’all) and paid for.


I ended up with a cake from the case, still delicious mind you, but it was a cake for regular people that don’t have asian husbands that secretly order you a surprise cake. Rumor has it that the other cake was to have a squirrel.


We went out to dinner and while the rest of the table had their food, Troy sat without his meal. For 15 minutes. When the indignant waiter finally brought it out? It was burned. Mama Bear ZDub swallowed her anger with a few glasses of argentina malbec. It isn’t ladylike to flip the table over on your birthday.


So we celebrated the best way we know how, the only way really. With each other.


That’s all we’ve got.


And in the end, all that really effing matters.

[But I am still a teeny tiny  bit sad about the squirrel cake.]


Working Man

posted by on 07/28/2011

He needs to work on smiling with his eyes.

Jeff is scary.