An Officer And A Rocket Man

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Yesterday was the graduation at the air force academy, so Troy and I drove one town over and hit it up.  By hit it up, I mean we sat in a field across from the stadium and waited for the important part.  The important part is the end because that’s when the Thunderbirds put on a show.

I brought my camera and Troy brought a space shuttle, to each their own.

momma and t

He occupied his time while we waited and waited for the show to start by loading “moon rocks” into his Thunderbird.  Clearly the difference between aircrafts is really not that important to him.

moon rocks

The Thunderbirds busted out over the stadium and Troy fah-reaked.  He is going to end up a pilot and not a NASCAR driver, thank you very much.


I honestly vote no for both professions.  I would prefer something a tad more safe, like an esthetician.  Momma could use some help with her pores, Troy.

blast off

You don’t hear about many estheticians being hurt on the job.

I can’t imagine being the mother to one of these pilots.  I bet they have clogged pores and totally bite their nails all the time.

They brought tricks.

Those crazies flew right over us too.  My ears are still ringing, at least Troy had the common sense to cover his.  He probably learned that during flight training.


I’m sure you are probably wondering why Zoe didn’t go, that’s because she was actually at the graduation.  She didn’t graduate, she was in the audience with my mother.  After the ceremony, the cadets throw their graduation caps in the air and then the people in charge invite the children down to the field so they can gather up one of the caps to keep.  The cadets just leave their caps lying there, isn’t that weird?  Anyway, it’s smart to let kids pick them up, hello free labor.

Zoe is super proud of her cap and get this, it had $20.11 taped to the inside to represent the Class of 2011.

cadet graduation cap

To summarize, I might be deaf, Troy thinks astronauts fly jets and Zoe turned a profit at graduation.

oh my.

Now get the hell out of here.

  • wonderchris

    I just heart your whole family. What a great day and Zoe ROCKS the hat!! Thanks for sharing with the interwebs.

  • Jennifer


  • Issa

    I love the taped money in it. Lucky girl.

    My grandfather was career Air Force. I always love seeing the planes.

  • Sarah

    OMG I want to marry an Air Force pilot someday, but I am already married to a short, Asian warehouse clerk. Whatever.

    We’ve been to that exact field (judging by the photos), but it was not on graduation day, and I did not make 20 bucks on the deal. It was a day when my husband got back to his Asian-American roots and dreamed of being a fighter pilot, and I dreamed of getting a fighter pilot in the sack.

  • sarah

    You should totally let Troy come live with us. We could teach him so much.

    Me: super important pageant/life skills.

    S: how to convince girls you are an astronaut. apparently that used to be his thing when he’d go home to the Midwest. I AM SO PROUD.

  • Mo

    Holy cow-I remember going to see the Thunderbirds when I was a kid (I lived in CO then)-and how AMAZING it was.

    (I didn’t make $20, though. Some graduate totally rocks for wanting to make a kid’s day, right?)

  • Lisa E

    Just in case Zoe ever wants to be a famous singer, that picture should totally be the album cover. (cd cover, for you young ‘uns)

    Great post, great pics, as usual! 🙂

  • alex

    zoe is so bad ass, i love it!

  • Andrea

    “You don’t hear about many estheticians being hurt on the job.”

    hahahaha 🙂

    Yes, being an esthetician seems like a nice, safe career choice. I vote for that for my boys too.

  • merlin513

    keep taking the kids there every year and you’ll end up with one of them in the academy! ^_^

    looks like a wonderful time (and profit) was had by all, color me jealous…

  • Kelly @ D2BD

    Coolest graduation concept EVER! I love the 20.11 in the hat and that they have the thunderbirds fly over. What a great day to be had by all!!! Amazing pictures girl – I love the one of Troy making his shuttle.. sorry Thunderbird fly and the Cop-tasticesque Zoey! LOVE IT!

  • Kelly @ D2BD

    and um… I just noticed your birks.. SUPERHIPPIELOVE!

  • Jennifer Jayhawk

    Our neighbor Jim Latham was picked to fly the lead plane after the horrible Thunderbird tragedy in 1982. He is quite a pilot and was a POW during the Vietnam war. He retired as a Brigadier General. A pretty amazing and impressive group!

  • Kim

    Pretty epic day! Troy is the cutest blond asian ever. When my brother graduated from OTC, they put money in their caps and the freshman class gets to collect the hats and “earn” some money. Zoe looks so BA in her hat and shades.

  • love

    i love everything about this post.

    [sidenote–ellie had preschool graduation today. certainly not as cool [or hot] as air force academy graduation, but anyway. chloe found $20 and i gave it to the teacher. then, she asked around and no one claimed it and i still told her to keep it at the front desk in case someone came back for it. i should’ve totally let chloe turn a profit at preschool graduation. what is wrong with me?]

  • Tal

    Zoe looks so cute in that picture, she’s going to be such a heartbreaker!


    I love reading about your family. So much, in fact, that we drove through Troy, Alabama on our way home from the beach yesterday and I thought “Aww, Troy.” But such an adorable little boy deserves a much nicer town as a namesake, I must say.

  • Krëg

    Ha! Richard Gere. Hilarious. Also, Lou Gossett Jr. has no forehead.

  • Deb

    She is totally Top Gun in that cap!

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