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We Go Hard.

posted by on 03/28/2011

Haircuts are hard.


She Said She Liked It Better Than Pirates Of Penzance.

posted by on 03/25/2011

I type this from my spotless house as I whip my Goddess Hair (see the comments) back and forth. NOT REALLY. But! I did my floors, all the laundry and my kitchen is pretty clean, so that counts for something.

I really hoping I get my allowance this week, JEFF.

Also, regarding my hair, y’all made my day, your comments were so much better than the actual post (like that is hard to do). I might be a real shitty housekeeper, but I can grow hair. Jennifer pointed out that I had Julia Roberts hair from Steel Magnolias, which I promptly forwarded to Jeff while he was working, twice. He called me at home and was all, “Why is someone emailing me about Julia Roberts?” (OH GOD). I explained to him that my new hair seems to be bringing joy to the internet and I am reminding people (okay, one person) right and left of Julia and he really needs to watch it because I doubt Julia would put up with that kind of attitude from a UPS driver.

True story:  When I was 15, I was positive my spiral perm made me look just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (it didn’t).  Because a 15 year old should totally look up to a down on her luck prostitute.

Speaking of all the laundry that I folded and I need to go put away right now so this is the best I can do today, my friend emailed me this because she thought I could use some pointers.

I know in my heart that if I practice really hard I can do this.

Or maybe I will just make Zoe do it.

What? I washed the laundry, it is the least she could do.

Happy Weekend.