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Let’s Crack Nuts.

posted by on 01/20/2011

We are having a tough time over here, but presents in the mailbox make things a little easier.

I think every household needs its very own squirrel nutcracker (you lift his tail).

squirrel nutcracker

Many thanks to Lisa for the best present ever.

P.S. You still time to enter the $100 giveaway.



posted by on 01/16/2011

On Friday, we went for a walk. Just the two of us. We walked down our ice covered street holding hands.

Zoe + Mom

I secretly watch you, sneaking peeks at you as you carefully chose your steps, trying to decide the best way to get ahead. I walk without thinking and slip several times, almost falling. With every slip, you squeeze my hand, as well as my heart, a little tighter.

I was 24 when you arrived and in no way qualified to raise a child. On the day you were born, I remember putting you to bed that evening in your lovely wooden cradle next to my bed and thinking we could get some rest. An hour later, I woke to you wailing. Your chubby, outstretched arm was stuck in between the slats of the cradle (I didn’t realize that it probably needed a bumper pad) and it looked as though you were reaching for me.

I carefully picked you up, I had never held a baby until you were born, and placed you next to me in the big bed. I curled my body around yours and you went right to sleep. That’s how we slept for the next four years.

Last night, after your cupcakes and presents and you were in your pajamas, you asked if I would lie down with you. As we curled up together, I was instantly taken back ten years ago to that first night that you were home, that night of you reaching for me, that night of uncertainties.

Over these last ten years, you have saved me more than you will ever know.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

And then my heart burst.   Mah baby turned ten today.

Happy 10th Birthday, my sweet girl.

Love Always,