Let’s Crack Nuts.

posted by on 01/20/2011 | 17 comments (leave one of your own)

We are having a tough time over here, but presents in the mailbox make things a little easier.

I think every household needs its very own squirrel nutcracker (you lift his tail).

squirrel nutcracker

Many thanks to Lisa for the best present ever.

P.S. You still time to enter the $100 giveaway.

  • Krëg

    Some households prefer the solid brass ball-buster instead.

  • wonderchris

    Crackin’ nuts the Zdub way!

  • Winn

    That’s. Just. Awesome.


  • Bren

    I saw this and thought you would get a giggle out of it! http://www.perpetualkid.com/ninjabread-men-cookie-cutter.aspx

  • Karin

    Hope things are okay – positive vibes and squirrel karma coming your way.

  • Lisa

    People should send you gifts everyday! THAT’S HOW COOL YOU ARE.

  • Jade @ Tasting Grace

    Awesome! (And hope things get better!)

  • Angi

    It is National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

  • alison

    Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!! We’re waiting for a post!

  • Erica

    I hope things get better on the home front. Cracking nuts always makes me feel better.

  • diane carol

    I’m thinking of you guys and hoping all is well….signed, a fellow squirrel lover in Michigan

  • Brie

    I just wanted to leave a little comment and let you know that your family has been in my thoughts constantly these past few weeks. I hope all turns out well for you.

  • Biscuit

    I just found your blog today, and oh my goodness! I love squirrels probably more than anything else! I’ve collected quite a good many squirrel treasures but I’m elated to find another squirrel lover!

  • Brooklyn Jen

    Thinking of you and all those nuts to crack. Sending some love your way!

  • Elaine

    I’m guessing you’re going to have a house full of squirrel stuff here soon! That’s adorable.

    Thinking of you all… xo

  • Amy @ Amymelissa.com

    Thinking about you today and hope things are OK. Sending love from Texas!

  • Anna F

    Davy Crack-it!!! He is my favorite Christmas decoration and this year we decided to leave him out year round. Davy always makes me smile.

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