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Pip Pip, Old Bean AKA I Really Wanted To Do A PowerPoint.

posted by on 10/26/2010

Zoe’s class in learning about disabilities and disorders in school. Her entire class was assigned a different topic and had to come up with a presentation, complete with a visual aid. They were given a choice of “some sort of slide show thingy on the computer” or an old school foam board with crap glued on it. I told her to select the PowerPoint, I am the undisputed reigning champion of PowerPoint, being how I was in college in the late 90’s and it was all the rage. I’m pretty sure I had some sort of group project due almost every week with the damn PowerPoint and I can set one up that will rock your face off.

So, she came home with foam board.

She wrote the presentation, which she has been practicing all weekend in a British accent* (OH GOD**), and I went and picked up some foam letters, you know, to really take it to the next level. That package of foam letters?



It’s amazing what you can do with the letter A and a pair of scissors.

*Chocks away, it’s all quite doolally.

**Apologies to the British.


It’s About To Get Rowdy. With A Haiku.

posted by on 10/22/2010




drinky drink

Squirrel drinks water
Even though it’s a birdbath
I need a day job.