Running For Cover AKA I Will Probably End Up Pushing A Cabbage Patch In A Stroller

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Back in the day when Zoe was four, we made the decision to adopt. We let Zoe pick out the baby and she chose wisely.

Zoe and Roger

He goes by Roger, Roger is like the Asian baby I never had, no offense to Troy.

I should rephrase that in case Troy can all of a sudden read: Roger is the most Asian looking baby I ever had. Momma loves you, Troy.

Now that Zoe is almost ten and way more into her DS than Cabbage Patch kids, Roger rarely makes an appearance around these parts. I was secretly glad when Troy found Roger on Zoe’s shelf and instantly took a liking to him. He picked out an outfit for Roger, insisting that Roger also wear a cloth diaper and has been sleeping with him at night.

It also makes me wonder if perhaps it is time. Time for another. Like an actual real live baby, not one that you can just sit on a shelf in a closet.

No matter what is decided, my two babies will always be enough. More than enough.

Roger, Z & T

And Roger too.

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