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Boom Boom Pow

posted by on 07/08/2010

I love the fourth of July. Actually the entire month of July is my all time favorite month of the year. I mean, you get to light stuff on fire, BBQ a lot and everything is just so festive, like these cupcakes. I totally bought them, I’m not gonna lie. I can’t be bothered with baking in the summer, actually I can’t be bothered with baking the rest of the year either, but I did take them out of the package and arrange them thoughtfully on my grandmother’s cake stand.


It’s also acceptable to encourage and allow your children to play with fire. Zoe isn’t really down with it, it’s like I’m not even sure if she’s mine.


Troy is majorly down with it and managed to actually hold a lit sparkler without being rushed to Urgent Care. Also, not pictured: first aid kit on stand-by.


It rained like a mofo here and we didn’t get to see the fireworks, or “boomers” as Troy calls them, on the fourth. I was seriously sad and minorly depressed, so I ate three cupcakes. The fireworks were rescheduled for Monday, so I made everyone go to that and pretend like it was the fourth.


And I definitely did not have a cupcake for breakfast today.