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As Stephanie Tanner Would Say, "How Rude".

posted by on 03/19/2010

There are some things that are a given, almost predictable. I expect to get out of bed every day and step on Troy’s army men, I expect Zoe to roll her eyes 29 times a day and Napoleon expects to eat his daily bread heel.


I think the daily dose of 100% stone ground wheat with no corn syrup added is doing wonders for his coat. Look how shiny he is, quite possibly the healthiest cat/rabbit/squirrel/fox/lynx/chupacabra/jackalope in all of Colorado. Here’s Napoleon searching for his daily bread. This is right outside my kitchen window, the spot where I place Napoleon’s snack every day.

sweet sweet Napoleon

Unfortunately for Napoleon, a super rude bird decided to swoop down and grab his lunch. When this dramatic scene played out before my eyes, I immediately thought the bird was trying to snatch up Napoleon and was prepared to throw down for my little bundle of sunshine.

mean bread heel stealing bird

To say Napoleon was disgusted is a complete understatement.

done with this shizz

I’m sorry I failed you as your caregiver, Napoleon. I won’t rest until I find a way to prevent this from happening. Actually, that’s not true because this happened on Monday and I have slept quite peacefully all week, but you catch my drift. You are like a child to me, Napoleon. You hold a special place in my heart because unlike the other two children that live here, I don’t have to bathe you (yet) and do your laundry and you don’t talk back and this might automatically put you in first place. I know our relationship basically consists of me throwing bread off my back deck every day in the same direction and taking 43 photos of you when you eat it, but I do it out of LOVE.


Who’s Gonna Run This Town Tonight?

posted by on 03/05/2010

My guess is Napoleon.

black squirrel?

Our favorite little cat/rabbit/squirrel/fox/lynx/chupacabra/jackalope went in for a wash/blow out and possibly a mani/pedi and he’s back. And he’s ready to show us what he’s all about.

You know, bread heels…


hopping with bread heels…


and climbing trees.


The following is probably the most important photo I have ever taken in my life. I’m thinking of having it blown up to 3 foot by 5 foot on canvas. I want to hang it in my entry so it’s the first thing you see when you walk in.


I didn’t think Napoleon was into trees, but he climbed up and down the trees in the backyard for a good 15 minutes. And I have 265 photos to prove it.

napoleon+bread heel

I think Napoleon is thoughtful. Obviously he reads the blog and knows that you people are WAY in to cat/rabbit/squirrel/fox/lynx/chupacabra/jackalope type animals. He’s just giving the people what they want.

going down

And get this. Napoleon JUMPS from tree to tree. Like a monkey. So now we might have a cat/rabbit/squirrel/fox/lynx/chupacabra/jackalope/monkey on our hands.

in the tree

My apologies if Napoleon bores you. I swear this blog won’t turn into a crazy lady who loves cat/rabbit/squirrel/fox/lynx/chupacabra/jackalope/monkey looking animals.


Or is it too late?

Momma loves you, Napoleon.