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posted by Zakary on June 30, 2008

I have been thinking that we need a clothesline in our backyard. We had one growing up and I always liked the way it made our clothes and linens smell. It would be a lot easier to get Mr. Toasty’s diapers dry and we would save some energy in the process. Vermont Clothesline Company has the exact one I was picturing in my head, the Garden Party. I think $165, which includes shipping, is well worth it.


So Not The Best Week Ever

posted by Zakary on June 27, 2008

I have felt like hammered dog shit for a good week. Monday was our anniversary and I could barely keep it together. Jeff wanted to go out, which I promptly vetoed. It was somehow decided that I would make tacos and Spanish rice. After I burned the rice and the taco shells, I went upstairs to lie face first on the bed wishing that I could close my eyes and sleep uninterrupted for 11 days.

A few days ago, I read about dooce having a sinus infection. After reading how she felt, I realized that I also felt the exact same way. Maybe I wasn’t fall-down-tired from waking up every 19 minutes to feed the world’s most I-HEART-NURSIES! baby ever. Perhaps I was sick.

Yesterday, first thing in the morning, I called off of work at the bar and made an appointment to see my doctor. I went by after I closed the store and it was late in the day. We went in and I told him I thought I had a sinus infection. He pressed around on my face, looked up my nose and agreed. He then went to do the obligatory ear check and informed me I had a “raging ear infection” in my left ear. Great. He faxed over the prescription and sent me on my way to Super Target to pick it up. I was so sick that I didn’t even enjoy Target. I made my way to the pharmacy and picked up the prescription and that was it. Lame.

We get home and I am in full blown miserable mode. My mom gets home a little later and she makes dinner. Jeff gets home and we discuss how sick I am and decide that I need to go to bed early. I agree and take Mr. Toasty upstairs with me to get ready for bed.

While I am nursing him on the left side, I realize that it feels like he is stabbing me with knives directly in my nipple. It has actually has felt this way the whole week but I kept shrugging it off because last weekend, while Troy was cutting two more teeth on the bottom, he bit my nipple so hard that it bled. I thought perhaps my boob still hurt from the bite, like a paper cut on your finger that you keep opening up every time you pop open a beer. Troy has EIGHT teeth now and everytime he nurses, it scares the bejesus out of me.

About 30 minutes later, I realize that my left breast has a red, angry rash around it. I begin to think that Mr. Toasty is trying to masticate my breast and I start to panic that I am going to have to wean him or my boobs will look like ground hamburger meat. I then realize that I have seen this before. Like when Zoe was a newborn.

I have thrush.

This morning, we went to Whole Foods trying to find Gentian Violet, which is used topically on me and inside the baby’s mouth and is what I used when Zoe was a baby and it totally worked. No one there had any idea what I was talking about. After speaking to my pediatrician’s office, I found out that they stopped putting it out on shelves here because it contains “a small amount of opiates and people misuse it”. Seriously? It stains everything it comes into contact with this weird shade of Smurfiness blue/purple. What are people doing with it? Smoking it? Drinking it? I have never come across a Smurf looking high dude.

I finally tracked some Gentian Violet down at the seventh Walgreen’s I called. The pharmacist told me that someone ordered it and never picked it up. They are holding it for me until 3:30. After that, it’s fair game for the crazy Smurf looking drug addicts and the breastfeeding thrush having moms.

Have a good weekend. I’m off to paint my nipples a lovely color of Smurf.